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Don’t live with dirty, stained or soiled carpets & upholstery. Professional Carpet Cleaning are Perth’s trusted carpet & upholstery cleaning company who are focused on providing top-quality services at great value pricing.

Professional carpet cleaning

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Looking for a Professional Perth carpet cleaning service that only use the best equipment and products, as well as being exceptional value for money? If so, then Professional Carpet Cleaning Perth are the right choice for you. We are an independent, locally-owned professional carpet cleaning business, with over 10 years experience in upholstery cleaning as well.

Carpet cleaning is essential to keeping your home hygienic, as well as free from bacteria and allergens that can get trapped within the fibres of the carpet. Our powerful hot water extraction machine will thoroughly and efficiently steam clean your carpet removing those potentially harmful contaminants, as well as breathing new life into carpet and home. Professional Carpet Cleaning Perth are also proficient  in stain removal, so if you have a carpet  with tough stains then Professional Carpet Cleaning Perth is your answer.

Our team of friendly carpet cleaners are fully trained, with industry certifications in operating hot water extraction machinery. All of our technicians are respectful to customers’ property whilst in their home. We are here to answer any questions you may have on the process and ultimately do the best job possible to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our service.

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Have the carpet of your home or workplace professionally cleaned & sanitised with one of our great value carpet cleaning packages.


With over 10 years experience of upholstery cleaning, you won’t be disappointed with our top-notch upholstery cleaning services.

Why Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning?

There’s good reason why more & more people are relying on Professional Carpet Cleaning for their carpet & upholstery cleaning services.

WA Owned & Operated

When you hire Professional Carpet Cleaning you are supporting a locally-owned family business who are committed to providing the best service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Rest easy knowing our carpet & upholstery cleaning services come with a 7-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

Top Equipment & Products

We believe in supplying the best service possible which means we only use industry-standard equipment & premium products.

Perth's Best Value Carpet Cleaners

At Professional Carpet Cleaning we're proud to offer Perth's best value carpet cleaning services. We are a service you can trust to deliver a quality service.

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Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

It's the only way to get your carpet truly clean

There’s nothing like a having a clean, fresh home. But keeping your carpets clean can be a challenge. Vacuuming only does so much and over time dirt can become trapped within the fibres of your carpets and rugs. Professional Carpet Cleaning uses powerful hot water extraction equipment that is capable of removing those deep-rooted dirt particles without damaging the carpet.

It extends the life of your carpet

We recommend that you get your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months, depending of course on the amount of foot traffic your carpet endures on a monthly basis. In the long run this can potentially save you a lot of money as the occasional cost of professional carpet cleaning is a lot cheaper than having your entire flooring replaced.

Protect the health of your family

Now more than ever we are interested in protecting our loved ones from bacteria and allergens. You don’t have to be in close proximity to your floor to come in contact with them though. These contaminants can become airborne and pollute the air within your home. What's your family health worth compared to relatively small cost of carpet cleaning.

Keeps your home looking & smelling brand new

Most homeowners are houseproud and want their home looking its best. Professional carpet cleaning brings old, tired carpet back to life as well as getting rid of musty odours that can linger in carpets and rugs. We recommend carpet cleaning as part of your yearly spring cleaning ritual.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Perth

Exceed utilises a hot water extraction method to clean carpets. This is the most effective method of carpet cleaning and more commonly referred to as carpet steam cleaning. This method of cleaning is the more popular choice compared to the old carpet shampooing, and also the dry cleaning method as there are several major advantages to steam carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction is a deep-cleaning method of cleaning fabric and is very effective at cleaning carpets and upholstery. It is also your best way of removing those stubborn stains.

Steam carpet cleaning is a more natural way of cleaning and sanitising your carpet, with usually just a solvent/agitator used to help remove stains, with the main cleaning agent being water which only leaves water vapour post-clean. Steam carpet cleaning kills around 99.9% of germs as well as eliminating mildew, making your home safer for children and pets. Hot water extraction has relatively fast dry time, around 4-6 hours whereas carpet shampooing may sometimes take up to 3 days to fully dry.

If you’re looking to give your carpets the best clean, then contact Professional Carpet Cleaning today to make a booking.